NSCC Testimonials

“Philately is an interesting and educational hobby which youths and children alike should be encouraged to pick up. In a world where e-mails have replaced snail mail, it makes stamps all the more interesting and to be cherished. In addition, it takes a meticulous person to appreciate the beauty of stamp collecting and a curious heart to want to find out the subject featured on the stamp/philatelic artefact. The competition has allowed my students and me to travel ‘virtually’ to far-flung places like Saint Kitts, Vanuatu and Bhutan.”

Mrs Joan Yang, Teacher, Beatty Secondary School

“The students enjoyed every minute of the time they spent working on the exhibits. It was a great opportunity to showcase their hidden talents and it was en enriching experience.”

Mr Charles Rajan, Teacher, Tanglin School APN

“NSCC has done a great job by providing opportunities for my students to tell the Singapore Story creatively using fascinating themes of cultures, nature and technology.”

Mr Seah Kim Chye, HOD Humanities, Nan Chiau High School

“To participate in national philatelic competitions is to avail oneself to the diverse, international and rich cultures of different ethnic and national icons and symbols best captured on stamps.”

Mr Gerry Er, RE Coordinator, Holy Innocents’ High School

“The benefits of taking part in the National Stamp Collecting Competition are endless; it allows students to research more in depth about the topic they are working on, teaches students to work together as a team, trains students to plan and budget when buying philatelic materials and more. Our students have benefited greatly and they always look forward to taking part in the competition.”

Miss Catherine Lim, NE Coordinator, Xinghua Primary School

“I would like to thank the NSCC organisers for the impressive planning and organisation of the competition and prize presentation. It is evident that much thought had been put into the review and the outcome was an effective engagement of the different stakeholders such as the participants, the collectors, the organisers and the general public. This new and refreshing format noticeably drew more attention to the competition and philately, and I believe that the awareness and interest will grow correspondingly. It is a brilliant move to exhibit many of the entries as it allows one to appreciate the divergence and convergence of ideas across the different entries. Hence, a big THANK YOU for your effort!”

Mrs Sharon Seow, Teacher, Raffles Institution