The Logo

The logo comprises of the name of the exhibition SINGAPORE 2015 together with the Lion Head symbol of the nation and four wavy lines representing the sea, bracketed by two symmetric edges of a postage stamp, one on the top and another at the bottom. It symbolises the world stamp exhibition in Singapore in the year 2015.

The significance of the various components that make up the logo is explained below:

  1. The two perforated edges of a stamp signifying the connection of stamp collecting activities with SINGAPORE 2015, the name of the exhibition.
  2. The Lion Head, which is incorporated in the 0 of 2015, is Singapore's national symbol denoting that the exhibition is staged in Singapore.
  3. The "four wavy lines" is a roller cancellation commonly used to obliterate stamps,
    also means "four seas" in Chinese to signify international or worldwide linkages,
    implying the international nature of the stamp show being held in Singapore,
    an island state surrounded by sea.

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The logo is designed by Mr Tan Keng Seng, member of the Singapore Philatelic Society, an institution affiliated to Association of Singapore Philatelists.


  1. 图样的上下端是放大的邮票齿孔,喻意这是有关集邮的活动.SlNGAPORE 2015 是这个邮展的名称。
  2. 为了表明邮展是在新加坡举行,因此将新加坡的标志"狮子头"镶 在" O"里头.
  3. 四条水波在华文用词喻意"四 海",也即世界或国际之意。四条水波也代表着新加坡是四面环海的岛国。 波纹也喻意邮局在一般信件上常用的波纹滾筒邮戳。

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