Booth Terms & Conditions

  1. Booth reservation will be confirmed on a first-come first-serve basis.
    Allocation of booth will be decided by the SINGAPORE 2015 Trade Sub Committee.
  2. Booth can be rented by individuals and legal entities of show or trade or auction houses for the following items:
    • sales of stamps, postmarks and other philatelic related items;
    • sales of philatelic books and journals;
    • activities related to philatelic associations.
  3. SINGAPORE 2015 Organising Committee reserves the right to take any action including closing of sales booth due to the following reason:
    • sale of illegal stamps or stamps from non-UPU members. In this case, dealers can not claim for any financial compensation such as booth rental, travel expenses, etc.
  4. Terms of payment: Full payment must be made together with the application form.
  5. There wil be no refund in the event of withdrawal, cancellation or "no show" at the exhibition.
  6. Dealers who officially represent designated postal operator at SINGAPORE 2015 are requested to attach an authorization letter with the application form. Name of designated postal operator on fascia board and cancellation for philatelic passport if any, will not be allowed if no authorization letter is received. The authorization letter must be addressed to SINGAPORE 2015 Trade Sub Committee by 1st July 2015. A maximum of 2 designated postal operators will be allowed in one booth.
  7. In the event of any dispute, the organiser's decision is final.